Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 2

Creative Thuggery

2 XP, 2 Vitriol

Lily offered her scheme: a fixed bout in an underground fighting ring called La Riña. The prize money was a paltry $5000, good money for those down on their luck, but hardly anything that could put the Prometheans on solid financial ground. But with a fighter in the ring, and a ringer among the high rollers, a much more substantial sum was possible.

“Lots of moving parts here. We need a fighter, to get in the ring and throw the match if needed. We need a bettor, because that’s where the money is. We need to get me in as clean-up, so our fighter gets out safely. Finally, and foremost, we need seed money, or this has no chance of succeeding.”

E volunteered himself as fighter, remembering vaguely some back-alley fights he could never have been in. The role of bettor was left undecided, since it was by invitation only, and perhaps the trickiest part to plan for. The “body guy” was pushed to the back burner as E and Phil decided a well-chosen robbery could cover the cash issue. The Stranger was uneasy with the plan, and went off to earn cash the best way he knew how.

The robbery was a cinch. Lily lured a well-to-do older gentleman back to his hotel room, and Phil and E burst in and knocked him out. Ransacking the suite netted nearly $2000 in cash, after Lily’s fence paid up.

That finished, and the throng reassembled, they turned their attention to the “body guy”, a janitor named Harrison Crane. The mark was likely attending a sports bar called the Line, as he did most nights. The Stranger had a flash of insight: he knew how to make chloroform. He sent out his throngmates to smurf him some bleach and acetone, and they retired to an overpass’s shadows to brew it up. The Stranger’s memory for the details were hazier than he knew, and after two failed attempts, his failure got the best of him, and Torment seized him. Sensing a milestone, E dissolved his friend’s inhibitions via Transmutation, causing the Stranger to lash out violently and mindlessly, taking the two of them tumbling down a slope. Frustrated, Stranger stormed off, while Phil and E discussed their next move.

Next game suggested dates: 7/15 or 7/22? Venue TBD


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