Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 1

Recap: the throng ditched the Centimani, to an encounter with a bunch of gangbangers gathered around their car, all up in their face about their visit to the YMCA lair. Following a discussion of where to go to next, the throng settled on Vegas to try and find Malverde (Vegas is the northern terminus of Malverde’s smuggling route). Upon arrival, the throng established a pattern of panhandling and museum visits: Stranger tried the strip, while E and Phil hit the Crime Museum for more Malverde enlightenment (someone can hopefully remember to me exactly what info was relayed?). Stranger was approached by a female Promethean, who identified herself as Lily, and tried to run a panhandling scam. Failing that, the throng reunited and met with Lily, who learned that they were of Assembly like her. She told them to meet her at the Arcadian the next day, and she’d work out a scam for some extra cash. I think the throng was looking at trying to get some weapons beforehand, due to some lingering doubts about her sincerity.


MNStarr MNStarr

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