Flashback: The Hell Out of Dodge

“Yeah, I know what the Big Man is up to. He says it’s a shortcut to Mortality, and maybe that’s even what he thinks it is, but it’s just trouble. I could feel it. I can still taste it. I don’t think I’ll ever get the taste out of my mouth, honestly. Like ozone, or pure water maybe.

I know what I said before, but now that the deed’s done, I just can’t stay. I don’t think there are any shortcuts, only dead ends and pitfalls. When he comes to, tell him his name is Sephirah. Tell him I did what I was asked to, not what was right. Tell him that I should have done it the right way, and that if he wants to blame me, he can, but he should hate Jonathan just as much.

And tell him that, if I haven’t done it already, he should kill Jonathan himself."


Chapter Four: Et In Arcadia Ego

“UFC’s for pussies, man. You got the money to bet, I can show you fights that make all that fancy-ass krav maga kung fu bullshit look like foxy boxing. Of course, if you ain’t got the money, I can get you in another way. Either way, you gotta keep mum about it. Howabout it, champ?”



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